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Preservation Awards

About the Conservancy’s Annual Preservation Awards

The Santa Monica Conservancy has recognized exemplary contributions to preservation in Santa Monica with awards at the Annual Meeting since 2004.  Each year the Conservancy presents Preservation Awards to individuals, building owners and businesses representing exemplary contributions to the preservation of Santa Monica’s architectural and cultural heritage. The site-specific awards are made in the following categories:

  • Restoration: historically authentic work that focuses on bringing a building back to its original condition.
  • Rehabilitation: work, in conformance with the Secretary of Interior Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties, that brings a historical building back into service.
  • Renovation: remodeling and renewing, or mixing modern design in with appropriate work on a historic building.
  • Adaptive Reuseadaptation of a historic structure to a new use, ideally with minimal impact on the structure’s character-defining features.
  • Stewardshiplong-term care and maintenance of a historic building or place.

Awards for individuals, groups or organizations include the President’s, Volunteer, and Service Awards. In addition, the Conservancy also occasionally presents the David G Cameron Preservation Award to individuals or organizations in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in preserving Santa Monica’s unique heritage, and for promoting the value of historic preservation in the city.


David G. Cameron Award: Alison Rose Jefferson, PhD

For over a decade, Jefferson has researched the history of African-Americans in Santa Monica and has educated the public on this subject, creating many projects and activities recognizing this history. These include her work on designating the Phillips Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church at 4th and Bay Streets as a Santa Monica Landmark and authorship of the text on the monument at the “Inkwell,” the historical Jim Crow era, African-American beach site adjacent to the Casa del Mar which remained an important gathering place long after racial restrictions at public beaches were abandoned in 1927. Her involvement with Heal the Bay, Black surfing organizations, the Conservancy and others in various programs and events continues to share more diverse stories about our heritage with younger and broader audiences.


President’s Award: Santa Monica Public Library

Photo credit Santa Monica Public Library.

Recognized for their great historic and artistic value, the murals were restored and re-installed at the new Main Library in 2005. The Santa Monica Public Library played a key role in facilitating their return and restoration. Created in 1934-35 for our former Carnegie Library, these murals were the precursor of many other artworks placed in public buildings under Federal patronage during the Depression. Stanton Macdonald-Wright, an internationally acclaimed artist, created this mural cycle on wood panels, depicting technology and imagination in human development. When the library was demolished in the 1960s to make way for a new library building, the panels were removed and stored at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Several decades later, City leaders, library staff and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art initiated efforts to retrieve the murals for incorporation into our new modern library. The mural paintings have been restored and an informative website has been created to enable the public to once again experience Macdonald-Wright’s creative legacy.


Stewardship Award: City of Santa Monica, Department of Public Works

Photo credit City of Santa Monica.

The California Incline is significant as a contributing element to Palisades Park, a Santa Monica Landmark. The original connector between the bluffs of Linda Vista Park (now Palisades Park) and the beach was a dirt trail for horses and wagons. Paved over and made into an automobile roadway in the 1930s, the California Incline replacement project that was completed in 2016 maintains the historic pathway linking the city with the coastline. With pedestrian and bicycle use enhancements, the railing and the neon sign continue to be emblems from the past.


Stewardship Award: Shugi and Alexander Cassini

For over 20 years, this Mediterranean Revival style house at 2433 2nd Street was the principal residence of nationally-famed cosmetics entrepreneur Merle Norman. Designed by architect Ellis Martin in 1936, it features original wood windows, tiled patios, and a sweeping interior staircase. It also has some Streamline Moderne elements including original decorative tiling and fixtures in the bathrooms as well as a beautiful mirrored dressing room. The Cassinis have been stewards of the property, incorporating new design elements that reflect their own sense of style. Additionally, they have been generous in opening their home for Conservancy events, sharing its beauty and historic significance.


Restoration and Renovation Award: Anitra and Alan Escovitz

Photo credit deasy/penner & partners.

This Landmark Aeroplane Bungalow at 315 Tenth Street was originally built in 1912. By 2013, when Alan and Anitra Escovitz purchased the property, it was in great need of structural and infrastructure upgrades. They spent one year restoring the main rooms, replicating original moldings, restoring the front door, and recreating the wood dining buffet. A new back porch was added that replicates the depth, materials and design of the original front porch. This couple is an inspiring example of devotion to Craftsman homes and the willingness to do what it takes for a house to live on.


Rehabilitation Award: 1012 Second Street, LLC, Howard Laks Architects, and Chattel Inc.

Photo credit 1012 Second St, LLC and Howard Laks.

This project is the first to be completed taking advantage of modifications to the city’s development standards for projects on parcels involving designated landmarks. These modifications made possible the creation of three additional living units without exceeding the by-right floor area and volume permitted on the site and preserving an important landmark structure from the City’s earliest residential development.


Rehabilitation Award: Lighthouse Investments, LLC, and Paligroup Management, LLC

Photo credit Palihouse Santa Monica.

The stylish and sophisticated Embassy Hotel Apartments, now named Palihouse, was designed by architect Arthur E. Harvey and built by Luther Mayo in 1927 in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. The site has been determined to be eligible for National Register of Historic Places both individually and as a contributor to a potential historic thematic district of Elegant Apartments in the north of Wilshire neighborhood. The current owners have conserved and refurbished the building throughout. Recognized as a Santa Monica Landmark in 2003, the original windows, decorative ceilings, patterned tile work, and outdoor patio paving have been preserved.


Outstanding Volunteer Service Award: Kay Pattison, Thomasine Rogas, and Rita Schneir

The Downtown Walking Tour was the Conservancy’s first weekly tour program, founded in 2007 by Carol Lemlein with extensive mentoring by Ruthann Lehrer and the research assistance of several volunteers. These three stalwart docents from the original 2007 group have served continuously for 10 years.


2016 Awards: Nina Fresco, Bob Lynn and Sarah Abbott / LGO Hospitality, Philip Orosco / Pacshore Partners, Roy Burstin and Zenna Lim, Ralph Mechur Architects, Glen Boldt and Dana Garcetti, Shimizu-Coggeshall Architects, The Historic San Vicente Coalition, Founders of the Third Street Neighborhood Historic District, Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association, Karen Ginsberg, Hilda Weiss


President’s Award: Nina Fresco

A long-term champion of the Shotgun House, Nina Fresco has made outstanding contributions to the interpretive program at the Preservation Resource Center, including a history of the house and its preservation, the Building a Neighborhood curriculum guide, and a model of the house furnished as a Victorian-era home. In her public roles as a Landmarks Commissioner, chair of the Civic Working Group and now as a Planning Commissioner, she continues to have a great impact on City policies that protect and incentivize the preservation of Santa Monica’s historic resources.


Preservation Award: Bob Lynn and Sara Abbott, LGO Hospitality

Ingos Tasty Diner, Bob Lynn, Sarah Abbott, LGO Hospitality, Preservation Award

Bob Lynn and Sara Abbott were recognized for the restoration and renovation of the 1946 Streamline Moderne commercial building at 1213-15 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, now home to Ingo’s Tasty Diner. The terrazzo floors and the eating counter have been restored, the lowered ceiling removed to reveal a dramatic skylight, and the tall “Restaurant” sign rehabilitated. Although the property was not on the Historic Resource Inventory, the owners applied for landmark status and it was designated as Groves’ Bakery/Callahan’s Restaurant in 2015.


Preservation Award: Philip Orosco, Pacshore Partners

Philip Orosco Pacshore Partners, 1314 7th Street, Telephone Building, Preservation Awards

Philip Orosco and Pacshore Partners extensively restored, updated and seismically retrofitted the1937/1946 Associated Telephone Building at 1314 7th Street. Renovated over three years, existing windows, doors, hardware, glass and stone were restored or reused, the ceiling painting in the lobby was preserved and the non-code compliant rear fire escape was replaced with a new catwalk system designed by LA-based Rios Clemente Hale architects.  Two restaurants with outdoor seating, Cassia and Esters Wine Bar, revitalize the ground level.  The building has achieved some of the highest lease rates in Santa Monica, demonstrating that the adaptive reuse of historic buildings can attract a strong market.


Preservation Award: Roy Burstin and Zenna Lim with Ralph Mechur Architects

339 20th Street, Burstin Lim, preservation awards, mechur architects,

An intact Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1926 sat vacant for a number of years when Zenna Lim and Roy Burstin hired architect Ralph Mechur to remodel and expand it to accommodate their family.  While all major systems required replacement, original features were carefully retained and restored. The Burstin-Lim residence is an outstanding example of a sensitive renovation and expansion of a Santa Monica home by owners who value the character, scale and history embedded in this 90-year-old structure, giving it new life and preserving it for the future.


Preservation Award: Glen Boldt and Dana Garcetti; Shimizu-Coggeshall Architects

Photo credit Joshua White.

Photo credit Joshua White.

The Boldt-Garcetti house demonstrates skillful preservation and innovative expansion that serves as a model for maintaining the scale and character of Santa Monica’s fast-disappearing historic neighborhoods. Owners Glen Boldt and Dana Garcetti hired Shimizu-Coggeshall Architects to create a sustainable family home with interior spaces reconfigured to create a unique relationship to the outdoors. Both passive and contemporary technologies were utilized, enabling the project to achieve LEED platinum certification upon its completion in 2010.


Advocacy Award: The Historic San Vicente Coalition

HSVC, historic san vicente coalitiion, historic district

When the City Council gave a green light to considering a courtyard historic district between Ocean Avenue and 7th Street, this group of residents, mobilized under the leadership of Phil Brock, Phillis Dudick and Diane Miller, generated local grassroots support. In partnership with the Santa Monica Conservancy, tours of the proposed district were offered over several weekends to raise public awareness. The district was nominated unanimously by the Landmarks Commission, and designated unanimously by City Council in December 2015, a triumphant moment for successful neighborhood activism.


Advocacy Award: Founders of the Third Street Neighborhood Historic District

Faced with a threat to the historic integrity of their neighborhood in the late 1980s, residents of what is now the District banded together to research and document their neighborhood history and historic resources.  They generated constituent support for the district, and presented their findings to the City in a request to become the first historic district in Santa Monica. The district was designated in 1990, more than 25 years ago, paving the way for future residents interested in protecting their neighborhood’s historic character and older built environment.


Stewardship Award: Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association for the Rustic Canyon Eucalyptus Grove (Santa Monica Forestry Station)

Stewardship Award: Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association for the Rustic Canyon Eucalyptus Grove (Santa Monica Forestry Station)

The Rustic Canyon Eucalyptus Grove today represents the sustained dedication and commitment of the Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association. Originally planted by Abbot Kinney, the grove became part of the first U.S. Forestry Station and is recognized as a California State and Los Angeles City landmark. The Association spearheaded the restoration of the grove, which had suffered from neglect over several decades, with financial and hands-on support, culminating in the rededication of the grove on May 29, 2014.


Outstanding Service Award: Karen Ginsberg, Director of Community and Cultural Services, City of Santa Monica

Karen Ginsberg, Director of Community and Cultural Services for the City of Santa Monica and previously the City’s Planning Manager, was recognized for outstanding service in managing City historic resources and collaborating with historic preservation partners. Ginsberg was instrumental in the creation of the Annenberg Community Beach House, including the restoration and adaptive reuse of the Guest House and the challenging restoration of the historic pool. She was also essential to the preservation of the landmark Shotgun House, identifying its final location just a few blocks north of its original site, overseeing City-funded improvements to the site and helping to overcome numerous obstacles, paving the way for the successful completion of the Conservancy’s Preservation Resource Center.


Outstanding Volunteer Service Award: Hilda Weiss, Preservation Resource Center Committee

Hilda Weiss was recognized for her leadership, dedication and effectiveness as a member of the team that managed the transformation of the Shotgun House into the Preservation Resource Center.  She led planning the Center’s interiors and contributed extensive research into the history and extent of the shotgun house building type across the United States. Working with her partner Wayne Lindberg and their associate Neel Cruz, she is creating a record of the Preservation Resource Center’s development and activities, including the Grand Opening and a recent interview of members of the Neville Quintet regarding their lives growing up in Louisiana shotgun houses.


2015 Awards: Doris Sosin, Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club, Smith Pipe and Supply, The Pasqual Marquez Family Cemetery and Santuario San Lorenzo, Three Kit Houses, The Workman’s Cottage, Kuyama Residence, Vukadinovich Residence, Phillis Dudick


President’s Award: Doris Sosin

Doris Sosin had the idea for forming the Conservancy and, with co-founder Tom Cleys, established the organization in 2002. “I felt we were destroying a history that our children and grandchildren should have been able to experience,” she explains. Her passion for preservation and generous financial support, along with her many connections made as a long-term resident and activist in Santa Monica, continues to enable the Conservancy to thrive.


Stewardship Award: Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club

Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club, 1210 4th Street; photo credit Shooting LA

Photo credit Shooting LA.

In 2014, Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club marked the centennial year of its Club- house, a Santa Monica Landmark at 1210 4th Street. Thanks to the stewardship by Club members, this important building is a veritable Santa Monica institution, gracing the heart of downtown and o‘ering a popular venue for meetings, pro- grams, social gatherings and community work. Recent projects include exterior and interior painting, a kitchen remodel, installation of a new special-‘effects light system, and most notably, the restoration of the building’s expansive glass sky- light ceiling, which had been covered and protected during World War II.


Stewardship Award: Smith Pipe and Supply

Crescent Bay Creamery at 1545 12th Street; photo credit Shooting LA

Photo credit Shooting LA.

Smith Pipe and Supply was recognized for more than a half century of stewardship of the 1920s-era Crescent Bay Creamery at 1545 12th Street. This distinctive Spanish Revival structure retains the original charm of its Churrigueresque style, with the elaborate relief and carved entrance, wrought iron grilles and other period details. In recent years the building has been occupied by architectural firms, having been drawn to the integrity and grace of its period design.


Project Award: Workman’s Cottage

The Workman’s Cottage, 1521 16th Street; Photo credit Shooting LA

Photo credit Shooting LA.

Owners Hilda Weiss and Wayne Lindberg, architect Michele McDonough and Lichtman Design and Construction were recognized for comprehensive restoration and an addition to the residence at 1521 16th Street. The small Victorian cottage started out as a one-room home in the late 19th century and many additions were made over time. Vacant and neglected when purchased by Weiss and Lindberg, the house now reveals the different stages in its evolution and provides a comfortable modern living environment.


Project Award: Three Kit Houses

Front Kit House, 1047 9th St; photo credit Shooting LA

Photo credit Shooting LA.

Tabit Ventures, comprised of the family members of Mark and Jill Tabit, and their realtor Julie Kirschbaum and contractor Robert Ackerbloom, were recognized for the rehabilitation of three Pacific Readi-Cut bungalows located at 1047 9th Street. Together the team discovered and celebrated the history of the landmarked buildings, once threatened with demolition, and restored their place in the community.


Project Award: Kuyama Residence

Kuyama Residence, 828 7th Street; photo credit Shooting LA

Photo credit Shooting LA.

Owners Keiko and Richard Kuyama, designer Greg Flewin, structural engineer Scott Christiansen, and contractor Archisys, Inc., were recognized for their renovation of the vernacular 1911 Craftsman bungalow at 828 7th Street. The team carefully preserved and restored the exterior while making seismic and interior improvements and adding additional living space to the second story in the rear so as not to be visible from the street. The property is now designated as a Santa Monica Structure of Merit.


Project Award: Vukadinovich Residence

Vukadinovich Residence, 420 7th Street; photo credit Synthesis, Inc.

Photo credit Synthesis, Inc.

David and Elaine Vukadinovich and their design/build team, Synthesis, Inc., were recognized for the conscientious renovation and expansion of a distinctive mid-century Santa Monica home, designed in 1950 by architect Frederick Monhoff and located at 420 7th Street. The owners conducted research on the architect and located the original drawings in the Monhoff archives at UCLA.


Advocacy Award: The Pasqual Marquez Family Cemetery and Santuario San Lorenzo

Pascal Marquez Family Cemetery and Santuario San Lorenzo; photo credit, Santa Monica Conservancy

In 2013, family members and supporters of the Pasqual Marquez Family Cemetery gathered to celebrate the dedication of “Santuario San Lorenzo,” the newly landscaped garden planted at 627 San Lorenzo Street, between the north side of the Cemetery and the street. The commemoration marked the culmination of years of effort, led by descendent Ernesto Marquez, to protect the Cemetery, the most significant reminder of our Rancho-era history.

In addition to Marquez, the award recognized Patricia Nettleship of La Senora Research Institute, land use attorney Tom Larmore, then-Councilman Bill Rosendahl and his senior counsel Norm Kulla, attorney Colleen McAndrews Wood and family members Sharon Killbride and Ernesto Marquez. Each played a crucial role in the broad community effort which has assured the future of the Cemetery and made its presence accessible to all who pass by.


Outstanding Service Award: Phillis Dudick

Volunteer Phillis Dudick, a member of the Annenberg Community Beach House Docent Council, was recognized for her contributions to the Docent Council and specifically for her role in organizing excursions which enrich the educational and social experiences of the docents with tours to sites such as the Hearst Castle, Asilomar and Sunnylands (the Annenberg estate in Palm Springs).


2014 Awards: W. P. Herbert House, Brecht House, Camera Obscura, Berlant Home and Studio, Hotel Casa del Mar, Dwight Flowers, Ursula Kress


Restoration Award: W. P. Herbert House

San Lorenzo

Photo credit India Bushnell.

Owners Kendra Sosothikul and Jonathan Ang received an award for their comprehensive restoration of 620 San Lorenzo Street, designed and built by noted Santa Monica architect John Byers in 1926. The home, also known as the W.P. Herbert House, was the first home completed in the Santa Monica Land and Water Company’s Santa Monica Canyon Mesa.


Restoration Award: Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura; Photo credit of India Bushnell

Photo credit India Bushnell.

The City of Santa Monica’s Community and Cultural Services Department received an award for the restoration of the distinctive signage of the historic Camera Obscura in Palisades Park. Santa Monica’s Camera Obscura dates back to 1889 and was originally installed on the beach where it was a popular tourist attraction. It was moved to Palisades Park in the early 1900s and incorporated into a new public recreation building in Palisades Park in 1955.


Rehabilitation Award: Brecht House


Photo credit of DUB Architects.

The landmark Brecht House on 26th Street provides an outstanding example of rehabilitation combined with compatible new construction meeting the needs of a 21st century family. Owner David Golubchik, working with dub Studio, restored the exterior of the landmark and expanded the living space with a contemporary addition linked to the landmark with a second-story bridge. This distinct American Foursquare style home, built in 1921, has unique cultural significance as the home of exiled German playwright Bertolt Brecht from 1942-1947.


Renovation Award: Hotel Casa Del Mar

Casa del Mar 2

Photo credit Hotel Casa Del Mar.

The Club Casa Del Mar building was designed by Los Angeles-based architect Charles F. Plummer and completed in 1926 as one of the City’s grandest beach clubs.  After the Club’s closing, the building was occupied by the Synanon Foundation and then by the Pritikin Longevity Center.  Edward Thomas Company acquired the property in 1996 and, after working with Historic Resources Group on an extensive renovation costing more than 50 million dollars, reopened it as Hotel Casa Del Mar in 1999.   The property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and stands as one of the only remaining examples of the 1920s beach clubs that once dominated Santa Monica’s coast, providing an important link to the City’s past.


Stewardship Award: Berlant Home and Studio

Berlant 1

BPhoto credit Tony Berlant.

The Berlant home and studio, a modest two-story, vernacular commercial building built in 1910, served as a neighborhood market for more than 60 years and was considered a tear-down when purchased by artist Tony Berlant in 1976.

Berlant 2

Photo credit India Bushnell.

Working with the architectural firm of Appleton/Phelps, the interior was reconfigured as a studio and residence, an addition was constructed to the south, and the authentic features of the exterior – the large store-front windows, signage, siding materials and trim details – were preserved. “From the time of his move-in to the present day, Berlant and his wife Helen Mendez Berlant have been exemplary stewards of this wonderful little building, which lends character, texture and presence to its Santa Monica neighborhood,” noted Awards Committee member Margaret Bach.


Volunteer Award: Dwight Flowers and Ursula Kress

Volunteers Dwight Flowers and Ursula Kress received the 2014 Volunteer Service Awards.  Both Flowers and Kress have volunteered since the earliest days of the Conservancy. “They both are always ready to lend a helping hand on some of the less glamorous but necessary work for the Conservancy, from preparing for an event to helping with research for a tour,” says Ruthann Lehrer, Program Committee Chair.


2013 Awards:  Isaac Millbank House, Community Corporation of Santa Monica, 2240 6th Street, WWII Quonset hut, Horatio West Court, William and Lenore Lambert, Jerry Rubin and David Conrad, Hostelling International, Stephen and Christy McAvoy,  Dick Orton


Restoration Award: Isaac Millbank House

Isaac Milbank House; Photo credit of Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Architecture

hoto credit Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Architecture.

The owner of the Isaac Millbank House at 236 Adelaide, and his project team received the Restoration Award for their comprehensive restoration of this iconic Craftsman designed and built in 1911 by the prominent architectural firm, the Milwalkee Building Company.  The restoration included extensive research on historic materials and finishes, new wood shakes matching original in materials and dimensions, restoration of original doors and windows, and a new chimney based on the original design and finish materials. Team members were: Kelly Sutherlin McLeod, FAIA; John Griswold, Griswold Conservation Associates, LLC; Appleton & Associates, Inc., Administrative Architect; Balcorp Construction, General Contractor; David Cocke, S.E., Structural Focus, Inc.; Barbara Ashba, Ashba Engineers, LTD; Christine London, Landscape Architect; and Karin Blake, Interior Designer.


Rehabilitation Award: Community Corporation of Santa Monica for multiple properties

2302 5th St; Photo credit CCSM

Photo credit CCSM.

The Rehabilitation Award was presented to Community Corporation of Santa Monica for rehabilitating a significant number of older multi-family homes over several decades, both historic and non-historic, thereby giving renewed life to the city’s existing housing stock while fulfilling their mission of expanding access to affordable housing.  The example above is 2302 5th Street, a 6-unit Craftsman built in 1912.


Renovation Award: 2240 6th Street

2240 6th Street; Photo credit Dennis Given

Photo credit Dennis Given.

The Renovation Award was presented to 2240 6th Street, a modest, single-story Craftsman home, built in 1915, which was carefully restored on the exterior.  The interior was beautifully modernized with a contemporary open plan.  Owners John Given and Daphne Dennis collaborated with architects Hank Koning and Julie Eizenberg (KEA) to create an inspiring example for other homeowners.  The builder was Charles Kuipers. The Given/Dennis and KEA collaboration first began in 1984 with an equally transformative addition that has become a studio apartment.


Adaptive Reuse Award: World War II Quonset hut


The Adaptive Reuse Award was presented to NMS Properties and their architects, Killefer Flammang, for preserving a unique historical artifact, a World War II Quonset hut, keeping its historic exterior intact while the interior was remodeled, making it a focal point for its new mixed use complex at Broadway and 9th.


Stewardship Award: Horatio West Court

Horatio West

Photo credit Brian Thomas Jones.

The owners of the Horatio West Court in Ocean Park, Bill Creber, Margaret MacLean, Wende Watt and Barbara Whitney, received the Stewardship Award for their exceptional dedication to the preservation of this significant multiple-unit project by architect Irving Gill. The successive owners of the Court have, for over four decades, restored, preserved and maintained the four units in pristine original condition and have created a landscape setting that is compatible in spirit.


President’s Award: William and Lenore Lambert

Biedler-Heuer Building at 2701-2705 Main Street

The Conservancy’s President’s Award was presented to William and Lenore Lambert for the example set by their stewardship of the Biedler-Heuer Building at 2701-2705 Main Street, home of businesses Jadis, Paris 1900, and the Chinois-on-Main banquet hall.  The Lamberts, second generation owners, approached the Landmarks Commission about the building during a discussion about the historic structures on Main Street.  After it was designated, they wondered how anyone would know it is a City landmark so they recently erected a historic plaque describing its significance.


Advocacy Award: Jerry Rubin and David Conrad

Jerry Rubin and David Conrad were recognized with the Advocacy Award for their leadership in the campaign to protect and preserve the “Chain Reaction” sculpture created by Paul Conrad, a signature part of the Civic Center and Santa Monica’s first landmark work of public art.


Outstanding Service Award: Hostelling International


Hostelling International in Santa Monica received the Conservancy’s Outstanding Service Award for its ongoing support of the Conservancy’s weekly Downtown Walking Tour. The Hostel offered use of its facilities for the initial docent training in 2007. Management and staff have continued to provide use of the lobby and the Rapp Salon as gathering places for the tours and have always welcomed our docents and tour guests.  The Hostel has partnered with the Conservancy on one of its most important educational programs.


Outstanding Volunteer Service: Stephen and Christy McAvoy and Dick Orton

This year’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service went to Stephen and Christy McAvoy.  Although not residents of Santa Monica, this couple has given extraordinary service to the Conservancy. Steve has devoted considerable energy, leadership and expertise as Vice Chair of the Conservancy’s current capital campaign.  Christy has been invaluable to the Conservancy’s docent program at the Annenberg Community Beach House, providing both written materials and lectures to train docent volunteers and to educate the public about the history of the Beach House.

A second Outstanding Volunteer Service award was presented to Dick Orton for his eight years of service as the Conservancy Newsletter’s graphic designer, for his many contributions of imaginative ideas and graphic skills to the Program Committee; as photographer at Conservancy programs; and as creator of the 2010 Adventures Tour.


2012 Awards:  Builders Exchange Building, 2450 25th Street, Charmont and The Sovereign, 1521 Santa Monica Blvd, Ernie Marquez, Barbara Stinchfield, Phyllis Conkle


Restoration Award: Builders Exchange Building

Builders Exchange Building at 1501 – 1509 4th Street; Photo credit Brian Thomas Jones

Photo credit Brian Thomas Jones.

The Spanish Colonial Revival Builders Exchange Building at 1501 – 1509 4th Street received a Restoration Award.  This building, at the southeast corner of 4th and Broadway, is widely noted for its beautiful “Churrigueresque” ornamentation. The Conservancy is recognizing architect William Dale Brantley’s restoration after the 1994 earthquake and the C. Belle Grischow Trust’s ongoing commitment to maintaining and enhancing the building.


Restoration Award: 2450 25th Street

Vincent Landay and Cheryl Clark, owners of 2450 25th Street, were selected to receive the second Restoration Award.  The 1907 American Foursquare Style home, in danger of demolition, was moved from its original location at 1140 7th Street to Sunset Park.  After their extraordinary initial effort to relocate and sensitively restore the home, the owners have shown an ongoing commitment to protecting its architectural integrity.


Stewardship Award: Charmont and The Sovereign

Charmont Apartments; Photos credit of Brian Thomas Jones

Photo credit of Brian Thomas Jones.


Photo credit Brian Thomas Jones.

Susan Connally was honored with a Stewardship Award for her exceptional dedication as owner of the Charmont and The Sovereign, two of Santa Monica’s most iconic apartment buildings.  Connally is being recognized for her continuing efforts in the repair, renovation, maintenance and enhancement of these two 1929 Spanish Colonial Revival-style buildings, designated as City Landmarks and listed on both the National and California Registers of Historic Places.


Stewardship Award: 1521 Santa Monica Blvd

A second Stewardship Award was presented to Don Kidson, owner of Busy Bee Hardware at 1521 Santa Monica Blvd, one of Santa Monica’s oldest commercial establishments. Kidson has maintained the authentic, historic character of vintage hardware store, affirming its continuing role and relevance to Santa Monica in the 21st century.


President’s Award: Ernie Marquez

Ernie Marquez

The Conservancy’s President’s Award was presented to local historian Ernie Marquez for his commitment to the preservation of Santa Monica’s early history and that of the families of the Rancho Boca de Santa Monica.  Marquez is the author of several books on Santa Monica history including Santa Monica Beach, a Collector’s Pictorial History and the recently published Noir Afloat about the gambling ships of Santa Monica Bay.


Outstanding Service Award: Barbara Stinchfield

Barbara Stinchfield received the Conservancy’s Outstanding Service Award for her recognition of the value of Santa Monica’s heritage as Director of Community and Cultural Services of the City of Santa Monica.  Stinchfield’s leadership in balancing preservation values and other stakeholder interests has resulted in outstanding projects. These include the Annenberg Community Beach House, the strategic plan for Palisades Park as a landmark, the renovation of Miles Playhouse, and the Urban Forest Task Force, and the preservation and adaptive reuse of the 1890s Shotgun House which is slated to become a Preservation Resource Center operated by the Conservancy.


Outstanding Volunteer Service Award: Phyllis Conkle

Phyllis Conkle received the 2012 Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service as creator of the Conservancy’s receptions and parties in historic places. She has dazzled Conservancy members and friends with events that are beautifully and gracefully executed, with every detail of the refreshments, décor and logistics carefully thought through.


2011 Awards:  2424 Fourth Street, Edwin Buildings, Case Study House #20, Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica bungalow, Hollister Court on Fourth Street, Docents of the Downtown Walking Tour


Restoration Award: 2424 Fourth Street

John and Anna George House, 2424 Fourth Street

The Restoration Award was presented to Myra and Earl Pomerantz for exemplary restoration of their Craftsman Bungalow, known as the landmark John and Anna George House, at 2424 Fourth Street. This project pioneered a growing appreciation for historic preservation in Ocean Park in the early 1980s.


Rehabilitation Award: Edwin Buildings

Edwin Building at 310-312 Wilshire Boulevard

American Commercial Equities LLC, the owner of the historic Edwin Building at 310-312 Wilshire Boulevard, received the Rehabilitation Award for preserving and rehabilitating this small-scale jewel of a commercial building designed by renowned architect Paul Williams in 1928. The building was designated as a city landmark in 2008.


Renovation Award: Case Study House #20

case study house 20 bailey house Richard Neutra Case Study House;

Photo credit Ken Breisch.

The Renovation Award was presented to Sam Simon, who preserved and renovated Case Study House #20, designed by Richard Neutra in 1948. This landmark of mid-Century design had deteriorated significantly over the years, but thanks to Mr. Simon who rescued and renewed it, the home continues as an important contributor to the architectural heritage.


Adaptive Reuse Award: Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica bungalow

Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica bungalow; photo credit Carol Lemlein

The Adaptive Reuse Award recognized the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica for converting an adjacent Craftsman Bungalow into classrooms and meeting space for its congregation, choosing preservation and adaptive reuse to retain a link to Santa Monica’s heritage. The church, located at 1260 18th Street, is also architecturally valuable, designed by local architect John Byers in the 1920s.


Stewardship Award: Hollister Court on Fourth Street

Hollister Court on Fourth Street; photo credit Nina Fresco

Photo credit Nina Fresco.

Deborah Levin received the Stewardship Award for her dedication and leadership in preserving Hollister Court on Fourth Street, a dozen Craftsman Bungalows grouped as a courtyard complex and designated as a city landmark. Since Ms. Levin purchased one of the bungalows 17 years ago, she has worked to save the homes from demolition, protected them from inappropriate remodeling, and provided guidance to other property owners in respectful rehabilitation of the homes.


Outstanding Volunteer Service: Docents of the Downtown Walking Tour

winston chappell docent tours

Recognition for Outstanding Volunteer Service went to the seven docents who lead the Conservancy’s weekly downtown walking tours every Saturday morning: Julie Berger, Winston Chappell, Dorothy Jewel, Kay Pattison, Jerome Robinson, Thomasine Rogas, and Rita Schneir. The popular tour has been in operation since the spring of 2007.


2010 Awards:  Barsha House, 2101 La Mesa, 404 Georgina, 211 Alta, 1740 Stewart Street, Michele Nasatir, Eileen Fogarty, Pier Restoration Corporation, Ken Kutcher, Kay Pattison


Restoration Award: Barsha House

302 mesa barsha house john byers, Richard Neutra’s 1937 Barsha House at 302 Mesa Road

The Restoration Award was presented to Scott Lander for his ambitious restoration of Richard Neutra’s 1937 Barsha House at 302 Mesa Road. After years of neglect following its 1950s relocation from North Hollywood to Santa Monica Canyon, it is now a premier example of Neutra’s innovative modernism.


Rehabilitation Award: 2101 La Mesa

Zinner House, 2101 La Mesa

The owner of a historic John Byers house at 2101 La Mesa, Cameron Strang, received the Rehabilitation Award for restoring the original adobe façade and for renovations that respect the original spirit of Byers’ Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Strang has retained the original scale and architectural features while updating the home for contemporary use.


Renovation Award: 404 Georgina

404 Georgina Ave, John Byers adobe

The Renovation Award was presented to Joy Jones, owner of 404 Georgina, an important early John Byers adobe built in 1920. Jones rescued the house from demolition and spearheaded a creative renovation that respects its original architectural character.


Adaptive Reuse Award: 211 Alta

The Adaptive Reuse Award (Residential) recognized the creative achievement of Stephen Chao, owner of 211 Alta (formerly the La Palama Bungalow Court), for converting a multi-unit Craftsman bungalow courtyard complex into a single family home, preserving its exterior architecture and streetscape presence.


Adaptive Reuse Award: 1740 Stewart Street

1740 Stewart Street red bull building

For adaptive reuse of a commercial property, Red Bull North America, Inc., at 1740 Stewart Street, received an award for transforming a vintage industrial building, originally used for manufacturing, into a unique and imaginative corporate headquarters. This project demonstrates a dynamic collaboration between architect, structural engineer and client.


Stewardship Award: Michele Nasatir

The Stewardship Award was presented to Michele Nasatir, owner of the Embassy Hotel Apartments at 1001 3rd Street, for outstanding dedication to preserving the magnificent Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and decorative enrichment of this landmark building.


David G Cameron Award: Eileen Fogarty

The Conservancy’s David Cameron Award was given to Eileen Fogarty, Director, and the City of Santa Monica Planning and Community Development Department. Fogarty led the way in formulating the November 2009 Draft Land Use and Circulation Element which recognizes historic preservation as a core community value, promotes historic preservation incentives, and integrates historic reservation into the planning process. This particular award is presented to individuals or organizations in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in preserving Santa Monica’s unique heritage, and for promoting the value of historic preservation in the city.


President’s Award: Pier Restoration Corporation

The President’s Award was presented to the Pier Restoration Corporation for the 2009 Pier Centennial celebration commemorating the history of our iconic landmark Pier, with enter-taining and educational children’s programs that promoted understanding of the Pier’s history.


Outstanding Service: Ken Kutcher

For Outstanding Service, attorney Ken Kutcher of the Santa Monica law firm of Harding Larmore Kutcher & Kozal, LLP, were recognized for his pro-bono work on the Shotgun House lease negotiations and also for initiating zoning changes providing incentives to facilitate new development on large lots with small landmark structures.


Outstanding Volunteer Service: Kay Pattison

The Volunteer Service Award was given to Kay Pattison for her many contributions to the Conservancy’s popular Downtown Walking Tour and the Annenberg Community Beach House docent program. Kay, who began as a downtown tour docent, now manages the program. She volunteered for the Beach House program, independently undertook significant research into the histories of its original owners Hearst and Davies, and served as a speaker for the training program.


2009 Awards: Shangri La Hotel, 2219 Ocean, Ruthann Lehrer


Restoration Award: Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel on Ocean Avenue; Photo credit Shangri-La Hotel

Photo credit Shangri-La Hotel.

The first award went to the recently reopened Shangri-La Hotel on Ocean Avenue, frequently considered the best example of Streamline Moderne in Santa Monica. Owner Tehmina Adaya and her colleagues Dino Nanni and Marc Smith were recognized for their roles in updating the hotel while taking great care to maintain its historic character.


Restoration Award: Cottage on Ocean Avenue

the last remaining beach-facing cottage on Ocean Avenue in Ocean Park by its current owners John and Donna Heidt.

The second award went to a project of a much different scale – the painstaking restoration of the last remaining beach-facing cottage on Ocean Avenue in Ocean Park by its current owners John and Donna Heidt.


Outstanding Service: Ruthann Lehrer

Ruthann Lehrer was awarded was for outstanding service and dedication to the Conservancy.


2008 Awards: Jean Sedillos, Margaret Bach, Michael Hill, Catherine Baxter, Mario Fonda-Bonardi 


Outstanding Service Award: Jean Sedillos, Margaret Bach, Michael Hill, and Catherine Baxter

Four Outstanding Service Awards were presented to individuals who were instrumental in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic Barnum Hall at Santa Monica High School: Jean Sedillos, Margaret Bach, Michael Hill, and Catherine Baxter.

David G Cameron Award: Mario Fonda-Bernardi

The David G Cameron Award was presented to architect Mario Fonda-Bernardi for exemplary dedication to the preservation of the historic shotgun house.


2007 Awards: Joel Brand, Sherrill Kushner, 431 Wilshire Blvd


Adaptive Reuse Award: 431 Wilshire Blvd

Zucky’s Restaurant at 431 Wilshire Boulevard, 431 Wilshire, LLC

Zucky’s Restaurant at 431 Wilshire Boulevard, 431 Wilshire, LLC was recognized for its adaptive reuse project. SMC Secretary Marcello Vavala noted that the Zucky’s rehabilitation stands out for its sensitivity to the building’s original design and materials. It also sets an important example for the community of the importance of roadside commercial architecture as a historical resource and its compatibility for a preservation-minded reuse project.


Outstanding Service Award: Joel Brand and Sherrill Kushner

Two Outstanding Service Awards were given. The first went to Joel Brand for his extraordinary work as Chair of Friends of 415 PCH, a committee of the Conservancy. He developed a very effective media campaign which built a strong public constitutency in support of the city’s proposal for this public beach club at the Marion Davies Estate, 415 Pacific Coast Highway, and increased public awareness about the threatened lawsuit by the neighbors.

The second award was presented to Sherrill Kushner for her work as newsletter editor, active program committee member who has chaired two Aero Theatre movie screenings, and chair of the shotgun house committee.


2005 Awards: Jim Rosenfield and Tom Cleys


Outstanding Service Award: Jim Rosenfield and Tom Cleys


The Conservancy recognized Jim Rosenfield for his dedication and success in restoring the Aero Theater on Montana Avenue. Rosenfield purchased the building in order to save it, while maintaining its use as a movie theater. The theater reopened in January under the auspices of the American Cinematheque.

The second award was presented to Tom Cleys, the Conservancy’s first president. Comments president Brand, “Without Tom the preservation movement in Santa Monica would not be where it is today, and likely no Conservancy as well. He has been the lifeblood of the organization.”


2004 Awards: Mirror Newspaper


Preservation Award: Mirror Newspaper

The Santa Monica Mirror has been awarded the Conservancy’s first annual Preservation Award for the newspaper’s ongoing series of articles entitled “Landmarks & Treasures,” featuring both famous and little-known Santa Monica historic sites. The award was presented to Mirror Publisher Michael Rosenthal at SMC’s annual membership gathering on Sunday, May 8, 2004.