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Santa Monica Conservancy Announces 2015 Preservation Awards

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The Santa Monica Conservancy recognized exemplary contributions to the preservation of Santa Monica’s architectural and cultural heritage by honoring individuals, building owners and architectural firms at its Annual Meeting on Sunday, February 8, at the historic Casa Del Mar Hotel.

“We are delighted to showcase the accomplishments of those who have made significant investments in the revitalization of our historic resources with the Conservancy’s Annual Preservation Awards,” said Carol Lemlein, President of the Conservancy board. “By telling their stories and recognizing their efforts, we hope to inspire others to do the same.”

President’s Award: Doris Sosin
Sosin had the idea for forming the Conservancy and, with co-founder Tom Cleys, established the organization in 2002. “I felt we were destroying a history that our children and grandchildren should have been able to experience,” she explains. Her passion for preservation and generous financial support, along with her many connections made as a long-term resident and activist in Santa Monica, continues to enable the Conservancy to thrive.

Stewardship Awards
In 2014, Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club marked the centennial year of its Clubhouse, a Santa Monica Landmark at 1210 4th Street. Thanks to the stewardship by Club members, this important building is a veritable Santa Monica institution, gracing the heart of downtown and offering a popular venue for meetings, programs, social gatherings and community work. Recent projects include exterior and interior painting, a kitchen remodel, installation of a new special-effects light system, and most notably, the restoration of the building’s expansive glass skylight ceiling, which had been covered and protected during World War II.

Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club, 1210 4th Street; photo credit Shooting LA

Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club, 1210 4th Street; photo credit Shooting LA

Smith Pipe and Supply was recognized for more than a half-century of stewardship of the 1920s-era Crescent Bay Creamery at 1545 12th Street. This distinctive Spanish Revival structure retains the original charm of its Churrigueresque style, with the elaborate relief and carved entrance, wrought iron grilles and other period details. In recent years the building has been occupied by architectural firms, having been drawn to the integrity and grace of its period design.

Crescent Bay Creamery at 1545 12th Street; photo credit Shooting LA

Crescent Bay Creamery at 1545 12th Street; photo credit Shooting LA

Project Awards
The Workman’s Cottage: Owners Hilda Weiss and Wayne Lindberg, architect Michele McDonough and Lichtman Design and Construction were recognized for comprehensive restoration and an addition to the residence at 1521 16th Street. The small Victorian cottage started out as a one-room home in the late 19th century and many additions were made over time. Vacant and neglected when purchased by Weiss and Lindberg, the house now reveals the different stages in its evolution and provides a comfortable modern living environment.

The Workman’s Cottage, 1521 16th Street; Photo credit Shooting LA

Three Kit Houses: Tabit Ventures, comprised of the family members of Mark and Jill Tabit, and their realtor Julie Kirschbaum and contractor Robert Ackerbloom, were recognized for the rehabilitation of three Pacific Readi-Cut bungalows located at 1047 9th Street. Together the team discovered and celebrated the history of the landmarked buildings, once threatened with demolition, and restored their place in the community.

Front Kit House, 1047 9th St; photo credit Shooting LA

Kuyama Residence: Owners Keiko and Richard Kuyama, designer Greg Flewin, structural engineer Scott Christiansen, and contractor Archisys, Inc., were recognized for their renovation of the vernacular 1911 Craftsman bungalow at 828 7th Street. The team carefully preserved and restored the exterior while making seismic and interior improvements and adding additional living space to the second story in the rear so as not to be visible from the street. The property is now designated as a Santa Monica Structure of Merit.

Kuyama Residence, 828 7th Street; photo credit Shooting LA

Kuyama Residence, 828 7th Street; photo credit Shooting LA

Vukadinovich Residence: David and Elaine Vukadinovich and their design/build team, Synthesis, Inc., were recognized for the conscientious renovation and expansion of a distinctive mid-century Santa Monica home, designed in 1950 by architect Frederick Monhoff and located at 420 7th Street. The owners conducted research on the architect and located the original drawings in the Monhoff archives at UCLA.

Vukadinovich Residence, 420 7th Street; photo credit Chang Kyun Kim Photography

Vukadinovich Residence, 420 7th Street; photo credit Chang Kyun Kim Photography

Advocacy Award
In 2013, family members and supporters of the Pasqual Marquez Family Cemetery gathered to celebrate the dedication of “Santuario San Lorenzo,” the newly landscaped garden planted at 627 San Lorenzo Street, between the north side of the Cemetery and the street. The commemoration marked the culmination of years of effort, led by descendent Ernesto Marquez, to protect the Cemetery, the most significant reminder of our Rancho-era history.

Pascal Marquez Family Cemetery and Santuario San Lorenzo; photo credit, Santa Monica Conservancy

Pascal Marquez Family Cemetery and Santuario San Lorenzo; photo credit, Santa Monica Conservancy

In addition to Marquez, the award recognized Patricia Nettleship of La Senora Research Institute, land use attorney Tom Larmore, then-Councilman Bill Rosendahl and his senior counsel Norm Kulla, attorney Colleen McAndrews Wood and family members Sharon Killbride and Ernesto Marquez. Each played a crucial role in the broad community effort which has assured the future of the Cemetery and made its presence accessible to all who pass by.

Outstanding Service Award
Volunteer Phillis Dudick, a member of the Annenberg Community Beach House Docent Council, was recognized for her contributions to the Docent Council and specifically for her role in organizing excursions which enrich the educational and social experiences of the docents with tours to sites such as the Hearst Castle, Asilomar and Sunnylands (the Annenberg estate in Palm Springs).

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