2511 Beverly Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

2511 Beverly Avenue

Known As: E.C. Japs/Crossland Residence
Architect: Unknown
Built: 1911
Designated: March 8, 2004

Crowned by several low-pitched gables, this home is one of the oldest structures in the Ocean Park area, as development was sparse until the City gained recognition as a year-round resort in the 1920s.  Jones Brothers was the contractor for this one and two-story Craftsman residence constructed for owner Edward C. Japs of Santa Monica’s Japs-Kill Realty Company.  Though the residence belonged to the Crosslands, musician and City College instructor Firth B. Jones and his wife resided here for several decades subsequent to 1915.

Significant features of this house include wood slat vents in gable peaks, rafter tails with notched ends, extended lintels and an original unpainted oak door typical of Craftsman style.