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Our new Preservation Resource Directory is a collection of businesses recommended by other preservation-minded property owners, as part of our efforts in encouraging appropriate restoration, rehabilitation and renovation of historic structures. Our list includes current business members who have provided goods and services in the restoration of our Shotgun House as well as professionals involved in projects receiving the Conservancy’s Preservation Awards.

Important: Please Read

The Conservancy does not guarantee the work and products of those listed in the directory. Users of the directory are encouraged to review licenses, insurance coverages, references and customer ratings. Consulting with the City of Santa Monica staff for review and approvals may also be necessary before starting a preservation project on a designated property or one on the Historic Resource Inventory.

Join the Directory or Refer a Professional

Our Preservation Resource Directory is offered to the public free of charge and featured prominently on our website. Each business listing offers details about its preservation work as well as a direct link to your business.

If you would like to submit an application to list your business in the Preservation Resource Directory, submit this online application form and provide at least one referral from a client or professional who has worked with you on a preservation project. Once the application and referral are reviewed, you will receive a final registration form where you can include details for your listing and submit your annual fee.

Members may submit referrals for businesses based on successful project experiences. businesses and professionals. If you are a member and would like to refer a business to be listed on the Preservation Resource Directory, submit this online business referral. Once the application is reviewed, we will send the business a final registration form where they will be able to include details for their listing and submit the annual fee.