Coastal Cleanup Day

Sep 16 1:00pm-5:00pm
Lifeguard Tower 20 Santa Monica, CA 90401

Coastal Cleanup Day gives us an opportunity for action, education and remembrance of our collective history. Join the Santa Monica Conservancy in celebrating our collective love of the ocean and our layered community history as stewards of this precious environment. At this site during the Jim Crow era (1900s–1960s), Santa Monica College student Nick Gabaldón and other African Americans and their supporters challenged racism and class structures to make a contribution towards opening up public beach spaces for all.

Alison Rose Jefferson. Photo: Alison Rose Jefferson

Volunteer with the Conservancy at our exhibit about preservation and the history of the “Inkwell” monument site. Email for more information. To participate in the Beach Cleanup, print out your waiver (English; Español)and bring it with you to the site.