Chain Reaction Re-dedication Ceremony

Jun 26 6:00pm-7:00pm
Santa Monica Civic Center 1800 block of Main Street Santa Monica, CA

Created by the late 3-time Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Conrad in 1991, “Chain Reaction” was landmarked in 2012 and underwent a years of disagreement between activists and City officials who argued that the sculpture was structurally unsound. The ceremony celebrates the sculpture’s rehabilitation and the installation of the new “Peace Garden” around it.

The ceremony will include an opening welcome by Santa Monica peace activist Jerry Rubin. Conservancy President Carol Lemlein will be among the guest speakers. Santa Monica Mayor Ted Winterer will join with City Commissioners, peace and anti-nuclear group leaders and activists from the broad-based ‘Save Chain Reaction’ Campaign. The event will close with participants joining hands around the monument.

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